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Teen Brunette Teen Brunette Teen Brunette

Alissa was horny and needed some cock pronto! So she hooked up with her friend and he gave her the big meat that she craved. She first sucked him off in a deepthroat blowjob, but then he laid pipe inside her for several minutes! He drilled into her in all positions and then finally released a fury of his pearly white jizz inside of her and left her cum dripping!
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Teen Brunette Teen Brunette Teen Brunette

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Thirteen years of marriage with all it's ups and downs, I shook my head in disbelief as I made my way home after work. The same street signs, shops and mundane suburban sights flashed by making little difference to my habitual automated responses as I drove home. My wife and I had achieved the goals we'd set when we were younger and hungry for money and social status, a very expensive house, my Lexus, her BMW, a boat etc... At thirty-five, I guess I had it good and my wife at thirty-four and successful in her own business was just as 'happy' or so I thought. Sheryl (my wife) was a real 'score' according to all the guys, shoulder length brunette hair, green eyes, 127 lbs, 5'7 and the most stunning tits - 36D cup.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, my midlife crisis had begun. I felt jaded to everything and success was about as exciting as watching grass grow. I was jolted out of my sullen thoughts as a bright new sign caught my attention... The Gentleman's Club. I found a place to park my car and wandered back down the street until I stood beneath the sign. There was a soft red light shining through an open door showing a flight of stairs going up, I decided that I'd go and just have a look. Well, I had a look and more, for the next two months I became a regular and all of my colleagues began commenting on my sudden exuberance.

Needless to say my wife noticed also, at first she asked me innocent questions and then they developed into prying demands until she took matters into her own hands and decided to follow me one evening.

Somehow she managed to find out every detail about my so-called discreet visits. She knew which women I preferred, how many times I'd been with each and exactly how many times I'd cum during each session. Don't ask me how she discovered so much but she kept her newfound knowledge to herself for the next fortnight. I had no idea at all that I'd been 'caught' and continued to assume that all was sweet as candy. One evening I returned home, walked into the hallway and noticed a little note pinned beneath the phone.

"Call me at 8pm ph. *******". It was 5 minutes to 8 so I waited and then called the number she'd given. After a few seconds I heard someone lift the receiver but no one said anything. I said hello about five times and was about to hang up when I heard a whimper in the background. I strained to hear what was going on, it sounded like someone in trouble. The moaning was repetitive and fairly regular, I shouted my wife's name and listened for a reply thinking she must be playing some stupid game or something. The moaning faded out and was replaced by a wet squishing sound and then with an abrupt click, someone hung the phone up on the other end of the line.

I was really worried and even contemplated calling the cops, but I ended up trying to redial the number again and again but kept getting a busy signal. I decided to wait and see if Sheryl would call me and explain what was happening, after 2 hours had passed I heard a car pull into the drive and then the garage door opened and I realized my wife had returned. I rushed downstairs to the garage and went straight in to ask what the fuck was going on. I got downstairs and there was my wife climbing out of the car looking as if nothing abnormal had happened at all, conservatively dressed as usual and not a hair out of place.

I demanded an explanation and all she had to say was, "I'm sorry honey, I guess I was just too busy to talk!" I tried to push her for an answer but that was all I got and then she said she was tired and was going to bed. "Busy doing what?" I yelled at her as she disappeared up the stairs. As obvious as it is now I was totally unaware of what she'd been doing, not my conservative little wife, no way no how!

Two days later I got home and found another note taped to our video player telling me to press play, I did. There was just darkness for awhile and then a phone rang in the background, the ringing stopped and someone turned a light on revealing a woman draped over the end of a bed. The camera was focused on her ass from the side, and then a rather large cock appeared on the screen and the torso of a well-built man. This guy placed his hands on the woman's ass cheeks and pulled them apart as his stiff cock pointed towards her vagina, he shuffled forward on his knees until his cock pressed at this woman's cunt and then he slid it in with ease.

There was an unmistakable sound of whimpering coming from the woman and each thrust of the guys cock brought more moaning from her mouth. I saw her hand appear in the shot and in it was a phone receiver which she placed near her pussy as the guy pounded his sizeable shaft into her. I stopped the tape and stood there dumbfounded, now I knew what that call was about. I had to sit down, my mind was spinning in turmoil, was it possible that was my wife's ass on that video? I pressed play again to try and identify if it was my wife or not, the camera remained focused on this guy thrusting into the woman on the bed. He started grunting and I could tell he was emptying his balls into the woman's pussy, she reached back and pushed him out of her and pointed to the camera. I saw him stand and then the camera moved to a new angle directly behind the woman and then zoomed in on her spread pussy lips, the woman's hands appeared and she placed them either side of her cunt and pulled it wide apart.

Cum was flowing from her well fucked hole and dribbling down between her legs and it was then that on the woman's left hand, I noticed the ring I had placed on my wife's finger the day of our wedding. The camera shifted a little and then to my further surprise a huge black cock dropped into view, sliding down my wife's ass crack and over her dripping cunt through all of the juices that were sticking to her pubic hair and all over her opening. Sheryl was still holding her cunt wide open as this new guy rubbed his manhood all over her rear end. His ebony flesh was all slick with cum and pussy juice as he guided his cockhead to my wife's slippery vagina. He slid his 9 inch cock straight into my wife and began thrusting at an incredible pace, each thrust pressing my wife's hips into the end of the bed as he rammed his cock into her harder and harder.

I had to reach down and adjust my stiffening cock through my pants as I watched this steamy action with my wife as the main attraction. I couldn't believe how horny I was getting while these bastards were screwing my sweet little wife. Mr black guy was still pumping away furiously into my wife's stretched hole, his balls slapping against her clit repeatedly. It was obvious Sheryl was loving the treatment she was receiving, her body was shuddering in orgasm and she was pushing her ass back to meet each thrust of the throbbing black cock in her pussy. After about half an hour of this, the black guy pulled his rockhard meat out of my wife, sprayed his cum all over her ass, shoved his cock back into her cunt a couple more times and then, pulling his semihard cock out of her, disappeared from view.

My wife's rear end was covered in huge amounts of gooey sperm, there were large globs of it all over her little pink asshole and dribbling down between her incredibly wide open pussy lips. Her swollen clit was drowned in the thick white liquid and there were rivulets of man juice flowing down her inner thighs. I grabbed the video remote, sat on the sofa freed my raging hardon from my pants and was just about to rewind the tape when a new cock appeared on the screen. This guy was obviously a little older as his crotch was covered in steely grey hair, his cock was about the same size as mine, a moderate 7 inches, and it had obviously been lubed up with KY jelly. My wife obviously knew what this guy wanted as she reached back and spread her ass cheeks letting some of the cum on her ass slip into her slightly open backdoor.

Mr. Grey must have been waiting for his turn for quite a while because he wasted no time at all placing his hard cock at my wife's tight entrance and sliding himself in to the balls. My wife and I had done anal before but she made it clear she only done it for me, here she was allowing another man to plunge into her tight ass while at the same time pulling her cheeks wide apart allowing him deeper access. This guy leaned forward and started fucking my wife's ass with wild abandon.

Sheryl's loose cunt lips were quivering with the force of Mr. Grey's continuous pounding and cum, KY jelly and probably her own pussy juice was flowing into her open vagina as Mr. Grey withdrew from her asshole and then it squished out as he thrust back into her causing her cunt muscles to contract. Mr. Grey was enjoying my wife's tight ass so much that he lasted for only ten minutes before filling her rear end with a large amount of sperm from his balls. His age hadn't affected how much cum he could deliver and the fact that he was still sliding a still hard cock in and out of my wife's cum leaking asshole proved that it hadn't affected his staying power either.

Finally he withdrew completely and a huge gush of gooey cream flooded out of my wife's ass, over her already soaked cunt and dropped to the floor. Someone scooped a handful of it up and proceeded to rub it into my wife's pussy, rubbing it all over her clit until her body shuddered with another orgasm. The camera was lifted to a new angle pointing down at my wife's lower back still allowing a very detailed view of both of her well fucked holes dripping cum. A hand came into the shot holding a tattoo gun, in old English style lettering, the words "The Gentleman's club II" were tattooed onto my wife's back. The video then finished and started rewinding itself.

I was beside myself with rage until, with a sudden sobering thought I realized that I had started this. I had betrayed my wife and she had justifiably returned the blow. A rush of guilt and loss pervaded my brain as the implications struck home, I'd lost my wife and gained a few costly hours of pleasure from some uncaring whores.

I came out of my stupor and realized my cock was still sticking out of my pants, still hard as ever. I put it away and went into the kitchen to make myself a strong black coffee. I heard the front door open and my wife walked down the hall and into the kitchen, in her hand was a bottle of whisky. We hadn't drunk alcohol since our wedding day but when she poured me a full glass I didn't refuse. We shifted to the lounge and she had one glass to my two. Finally I broke the silence and asked her "what now?"

"That's completely up to you dear" she replied. I asked her what she meant by that and she told me,

"If you ever cheat on me again" (at this point she stood up, turned around and revealed her new tattoo),

"I'll be open for business PERMANENTLY!"