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Smoking Babe Smoking Babe Smoking Babe

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Smoking Babe Smoking Babe Smoking Babe

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Sex Story

There it was, all the evidence I needed to know exactly what had taken place just minutes ago. I didn't need to even talk to my wife, who was now in the bathroom, because I saw the used condom in the trash. I couldn't believe how much of it had been unrolled. She must have had quite a vehicle to take a ride on.

I guess I should tell you a little bit about ourselves, and how I came to be staring at this sight. We are just your ordinary Midwestern couple. We married fairly young and each only had one previous partner. As is common in a lot of marriages, our sex life began to fade. After exhausting nearly every other avenue to spark our sex life, we began to discuss our fantasies. As it turns out, hers was to pick up a stranger at a bar. Personally, I just wanted her to fuck someone else. After several years of discussion, we finally decided to try it.

We flew to Vegas, and our philosophy was "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". The first day, we arrived fairly late, so we simply had enough time to check into our room and go for a stroll. We checked out a local's bar, to see what might be available. Not much happened partly due to the lack of men and partly due to my wife's lack of interest from exhaustion. The next morning we awoke and hit the streets running. Today was the day. We started by going shopping for a new outfit. I've got to say, my dick had the weirdest sensations during this entire day. It was like the precum just drained out as soon as it had been manufactured. Totally hot. Seeing my wife try on outfits and pick out bras and panties were exhilarating, because I knew that once they were on, it was someone else who would be taking them off. Even hotter, was knowing that she was going to get laid and the lucky guy didn't even know he was, yet.

We made it back to the hotel, just in time for her to get dressed. I couldn't believe how calm she was, as each piece of clothing went on. My stomach had butterflies, and they seemed to be turning into vultures as each article of clothing marked a step closer in fulfilling our fantasy. Finally, she was ready. She was dressed to kill in a very thin black dress, which accentuated her fuck me ass, and matching black lace panties and bra. She carried a tiny black purse, which I made sure to tell her had her condoms. She gave me a kiss and told me she'd keep in touch.

My wife called me about 9:00pm to let me know that she was at the club (Rain) and was just waiting in line. She told me that she would keep checking in. From that point on, I couldn't hold off, and I must have jacked off nearly a half dozen times. The thought of my wife in some nightclub dancing and grinding on strange guys was such a turn on. She did real well calling about every hour or two. The last time I talked to her was 1:30am. She had told me of all the fun she was having and the guy she had been dancing with. I asked her if she needed our room, and she said she didn't know. That was pretty much the answer for the entire night, when I would ask. So I didn't think it sounded promising, and began to prepare myself for the let down. I decided to drift off to sleep. About 3:00 a.m., the phone rings. It is my wife, and she simply says "I need the room."

I could sense a bit of urgency in her voice, one that clearly told me she needed to get fucked hours ago. I quickly picked up my stuff from the room and made the bed. I only had a few minutes, so I quickly ran down to the casino to sit and wait. I tried to pick a spot that I knew they would have to pass by. After 10-15 minutes, sure enough, I was right. Here they came down the hall. Although, I must admit that I was quite shocked wither her choice, he was fairly handsome Indian guy and looked like to be clean cut. Both he and my wife looked to be worn out from a night of dancing. I was hoping that they both had saved a little energy.

I waited for as long as I could and then I headed upstairs. It seemed like forever until I got to the 16th floor. I walked as quietly down the hall as I could. When I reached the door, I put my ear to it. I didn't want them to see my shadow under the door, but from where I was standing I couldn't hear a thing. So I went and waited. A few minutes later, I checked again. WOW!!! Was I ever surprised. When I put my ear to the door this time, I could hear my wife getting a fucking like she had never experienced. I could hear her saying words of encouragement and heard moans like I had never heard from her before. You could just tell he was pounding away.

I had never been so hot in my life. Sure, she had told me about her past exploits, but this was different. I could hear him pleasing himself and giving her one hell of a fuck in the process. I wanted to just stay there and listen to this show. But this hotel had security and cameras everywhere, and I figured a guy standing in the hallway with his ear to a door might raise a few red flags. So I simply went down to a sitting area and waited. I pictured what he must be doing to her, to make her moan so much. I wondered if he had her ass in the air, and where he would cum.

It seemed like forever until I finally heard the door open. They had fucked for nearly an hour and a half, and I couldn't believe it. We weren't use to going more than 20 minutes, so I was sure she loved it. Not a word was exchanged between the two. As soon as he got to the elevator, I ran to our door. When I opened it that is when I saw the evidence. The condom was sitting in the trash can, and the room just smelled like sex. She walked out of the bathroom, and I just grabbed her and gave her one of the deepest kisses I have ever laid on her. She was a bit troubled, but I reassured her that I loved her and loved what she had done. I think I overwhelmed her with all of my questions, because she seemed a bit timid to tell. I wanted to know every detail and see her worn out pussy.

She told me that she had danced with a different guy, pretty much all night long. She really wanted him, but they got separated near the end of the evening. She was just about to call it a night, when she met this guy. She couldn't even remember his name, which made it a bit hotter. They danced and ground away on the dance floor. I guess they went over to a table, and groped each other a bit more. She said that when she had called me about the room, she was fucking horny, but the cab ride to the hotel was a bit awkward and killed some of the sparks.

When they got to the room, they sat on the bed for a bit, and then they sort of undressed themselves. He started by eating her out, and then she returned the favor. For the next hour and a half, they switched from 69, to doggie, to hand jobs, etc. She said he was 9" long, but very thin and had a crooked dick so she had troubles feeling him. She said she almost asked him to put it in her ass, because she just wanted him to cum, but we have that reserved for ourselves. He even had trouble keeping the condom on. She said when he was doing her doggy, she looked back a couple of times, and he was going bareback. She said doggy was definitely the position that worked best for them. She said that is what I heard when she was moaning and telling him what she liked. Once it became clear that neither were going to cum in this session, she just asked if he was ready to leave. She had an o.k. time, but she hurt for days because his length had been hitting her in spots that weren't use to it.

That story, alone, is enough to keep our sex life alive for another 100 years. That morning, we had sex several times and I loved knowing that my wife's pussy had just held another man. Oh the stories that bed could tell. I love my wife more today than I ever have, and I loved knowing her slutty side.