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Petite Teen Petite Teen Petite Teen

Alexa is petite teen with small perky tits. She always wanted to be in a porn video! So this cute girl took his big dong deep in her mouth until she started choking. Then she bent over and got her tight butthole filled with cock. Afterwards she sucked her ass off his cock while giving him a hot ass to mouth blowjob until he finished!
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Petite Teen Petite Teen Petite Teen

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My wife, Christine, and I are are both on our second marriages and have been together for six years now. She is 45 and I am 41. We both keep ourselves in good shape - in fact, she has been told several times that she looks as if she's in her low thirties. She has shoulder-length, light brown hair, a beautiful face, legs of a 20 year old and great, natural "B" breasts.

To get to the chase, our lovemaking has always been incredible but for the last two years I've been looking for something that would add a little extra spice to our relationship. She would be perfectly content to sleep with only me for the rest of her life but as we grew to know each other better, I began to fantasize about her having sex with another man. One night in bed I brought this subject up and it drove both of us wild! From there on out our lovemaking was enhanced by me whispering in her ear what I'd like to do with her and another man.

At first, Christine was content to play along with my fantasy as long as that was all it was. She said she didn't think she could actually carry it out. As time went by though, I gradually persuaded Christine to become more and more receptive to the idea. Finally she agreed to do it - but only if we could find the right person and circumstances. For about a year we would occasionally go out to clubs and she'd dance with other guys she met (most of them in their twenties, which was a big turn-on for her...and me as well) but she was always afraid that somebody in our community (around 100,000 people) would find out and ruin us both socially. Not that we're socialites or anything but doing something like that isn't accepted by a whole lot of people around here.

Finally, about a week ago we decided to go to this local club not really intending to hook up with anyone. After fruitless searches for the right man, I had pretty much given up hope of my fantasy coming true. We ran into several friends of ours there, most of which were single and younger. After about four beers, Christine was feeling pretty good. And loose. We had danced a few times and were sitting at a table with two other male friends of ours. They took turns dancing with her as well and judging by their smiles they were all having a good time.

Christine was wearing a sexy, white top (that showed a lot of her tan skin) and denim shorts. At one point during a dance with one of the other guys she brushed her fingers against her breasts and asked the guy if he liked nipples. They both laughed. As the DJ announced the last dance Christine looked at me and smiled, then nodded at one of the other guys she had been dancing with. I knew exactly what she meant.

"Seriously?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she said, with a definite smile and nod. "I think so." I got an instant hard-on.

As we were all getting ready to leave she grabbed a napkin from the bar and wrote her cell phone number on it. Then she handed it to Sam, the guy she was interested in. She also got his cell number. He was in his mid-twenties and the fact that he was so interested in my wife really turned me on. I know it turned Christine on as well.

Christine and I went out to our car and I asked her again if she was serious about having a threesome. "Yeah!" she said again as her eyes lit up. I could tell she was excited. Real excited. My adrenaline was really flowing by now.

We got in the car and immediately Christine grabbed the cell phone. She called Sam (who was still in the bar). who sounded very excited to be getting the call. I heard her giggle and say, "So you wanna have a little fun tonight?" He responded and she giggled again. She was so hot for this guy's cock that it was really turning me on.

Sam lived only a few miles away and told us how to get to his house. We left the parking lot and arrived at his house about ten minutes later. He arrived shortly after us holding a six-pack of beer. As we entered his house we explained to him that this would have to be our little secret - that he couldn't tell anyone. He had no problem with that.

We all cracked the top on a beer then headed into his bedroom where Christine lit a candle and dimmed the lights and Sam put on some music. I shut the door. The sexual tension in the air was incredible.

Then I and stood behind my flirtatious wife holding her arms back and pressing my rock hard cock up against her ass. Sam was standing a few feet away in the dim light watching us.

"So you like Christine?" I asked him.

"Holy shit!" he said. "I can't believe this is happening."

"You wanna fuck me?" Christine asked Sam. We all knew the answer to that one.

Still holding Christine from behind, I kissed her on the neck and unfastened the top button on her blouse. She giggled as I unfastened the next one and the next. Soon, Christine was standing there with her dark skin contrasting with her sexy white bra. She looked very hot! My hands found the clasp of her bra and I dropped it to the ground. I could tell that Sam was very excited to see her like this.

I marched Christine over to where Sam was standing and continued to kiss her neck. She met Sam and he began to lightly touch her sides. My hands found her hips. She reached out and put her arms around Sam and began kissing him on the lips. I could tell she was very aroused!

Sam put his arms around her and returned her kiss. "This isn't fair!" Christine said. "I have my top off but you guy don't!" That was all the prompting we needed. Both Sam and I removed our shirts and picked up where we left off. I reached around and unfastened the button on Christine's shorts and dropped them to the floor. Tonight she was wearing a red thong underneath.

As she continued to kiss Sam, I licked my finger and began to tease her asshole. She moaned and squirmed. Holding her aggressively with my left arm around her and across her chest, I slid the middle finger of my right hand into her asshole. She moaned again. I knew her pussy was dripping wet by now and whispered in her ear to take Sam's hand and put it in her panties. She obliged. Within seconds, I could feel Sam's fingers deep in her pussy as I fingered her ass. This drove her wild! She came almost immediately!

After about five minutes of fucking my wife with our fingers, I removed Christine's thong and Sam and I took our own clothes off. We then laid down on the bed. With Christine between the two of us she began to kiss Sam as my lips found a nipple. I looked down to see Sam's fingers still working her slippery pussy. This was driving her crazy! She reached back and grabbed my rock hard cock while crabbing Sam's cock with the other one.

Then Christine broke her kiss and slid down to Sam's cock. It was already hard. Taking his balls in one hand she gave him an incredible blow job as I lay behind her playing with her pussy.

"Ask him if he wants to fuck you," I whispered in Christine's ear.

She did so and his answer was a resounding, “YES!”

Christine positioned Sam on his back as she slid down his hard cock. I watched in disbelief as I heard her moan with pleasure. I couldn't believe this was really happening. For a few minutes I just sat back on the bed enjoying watching my wife getting fucked. Judging by her moans I could tell Sam was really treating her to a good time. That really turned me on.

I stood up on the bed and took Christine's head in my hands. Her lips quickly found my cock. As Sam fucked her hard and long she gasped as she tried to suck my cock.

Sam fucked her this way for about five minutes before she said to me, "Do you want to fuck me now honey?" She already knew the answer to that one. I switched positions with Sam as Christine now slid down my cock. My fingers quickly found her nipples, pinching them aggressively. As I watched Sam's rigid cock go into Christine's mouth I slid my hands to her hips and fucked her hard. In only a matter of seconds I felt my balls tighten and my cock shoot a stream of hot cum into her sweet, little pussy. Her body buckled with pleasure.

Next, Sam put her on her knees in doggy position and got behind her. I moved around to the front of the bed and positioned myself to where my cock was right in front of Christine's lips. She quickly grabbed my cum-covered cock and pulled it into her mouth as Sam slid his cock into her pussy from behind.

As Christine gave me a blow job I Saw sam slide his finger into her asshole as he fucked her. This put her over the edge and Sam began to fuck her even harder - harder than I've ever fucked her she later told me. She lost total control as she collapsed on top of me.

Next Sam rolled her onto her back and lifted her legs up to his shoulders. He pounded her long and hard as I knelt by with my cock in her mouth. Christine could barely contain herself. Suddenly, Sam pulled his massive cock out of Christine's pussy and moaned as he ejaculated a load of hot cum all over her belly and tits! Christine rolled on her side as I lay behind her, both of our hands rubbing Sam's cum all over her.

By now my cock was hard again and as I lay behind Christine I easily slid it into her well-lubricated pussy. Her mouth quickly found Sam's cum-covered cock, much to his surprise and delight. I had never seen my wife like this - she just couldn't get enough cock. She was so horny!

My hands reached around and found her breasts as I picked up the pace. She continued sucking Sam's cock while I fucked her from behind. I pinched her nipples hard and It wasn't long before I was shooting my second load into her pussy.

By then Sam was ready for more. He put her back on her back and mounted her in missionary position. As I lay beside Christine kissing her, I slid my finger into her asshole. With my finger in her ass, I could feel Sam's cock fucking my wife's pussy. This drove us all wild. This went on for about ten minutes before Sam's body tensed. I watched my wife's eyes roll back as Sam shot a hot load of cum into her. Her body trembled as she, once again, collapsed on the bed.

Sam rolled off her, spent. Christine lay between us exhausted and very, very satisfied. Although I had already spent two loads, just thinking about what was happening got me hard again. Christine said she was done for the night, that she needed to rest.

“I want to fuck you one more time,” I told her.

She coyly smiled at me and said, “Yeah?”

With that, she brought her mouth back down to my cock and got it good and wet. I then pushed her back on the bed and kissed my way down to her pussy. I saw her hand go to Sam's cock. My tongue quickly found her swollen clit as I slid three fingers into her cum-filled pussy. Having me eat her pussy after Sam had shot a load into it really turned her on. I became more aggressive with my tongue on her clit - something I knew drove her wild - as my fingers continued to rub her G-spot. This drove her crazy. Her breath was coming in pants. Suddenly, I felt the inside of her pussy swell, a sign that she was coming. She moaned out loud, then her breathing subsided.

I crawled back up to her and kissed her on the mouth. "Did you like that?" I asked her, although we already knew.

Her hand found my awaiting cock and she then said, "How do you want to fuck me?"

I got on my knees and positioned myself between her legs. Then I lifted her legs up so that the back of her knees were locked into my elbows. I knew this was the position that she loved best - the one that always made her cum quickly.

As she lay on her back I lifted her pussy to the head of my cock, teasing her. "Put Sam's cock in your mouth," I told her. She didn't need to be told twice. With that done, I then lifted her higher until my cock slid deep into her cum-filled pussy. I fucked her slow at first, watching my cock slide in and out of her pussy. As I watched her pick up the pace on Sam's cock, I began to fuck her faster and faster. Her moaning was driving me crazy. Suddenly I saw Sam climax, shooting a stream of cum into my wife's mouth. She did her best to swallow what she could but I saw some leak out the side of her mouth. This put me over the edge. Within minutes I shot yet another load of semen into her fine pussy. I fell back on the bed exhausted yet very fulfilled.

After some small talk, we all got dressed. Christine kissed Sam on the mouth and told him thank you for a wonderful evening.

We arrived at our house and ended up having sex two more times that night. By 4:30 we were fast asleep.