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Creampied Chick Creampied Chick Creampied Chick

Sophia is cute chick with glasses and perky tits. She meets this foreign guy and invites him to her apartment. He grabs her ass and starts to lick her shaved pussy. She returns the favor by blowing his dick. Then she climbs on top of him and rides on his cock like there is no tomorrow. Eventually he nails her hard in missionary position and shoots his load deep in her tight pussy!
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Creampied Chick Creampied Chick Creampied Chick

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Sex Story

Let me start off this story by telling you a little about my Husband and myself. We have been married for just over twelve years. We are both thirty-two years old. We have two children ages eight and nine. John my husband is very good looking if you ask me. He's 5'11", 198lbs, has a great body with no fat. He has all of his hair and works out at the gym four days a week. Myself, I'm 5'5", 110 lbs. and my measurements are 34B-26-36. My hair is blond and hangs down to my shoulders. All my husband's friends tell me that I look like Jillian Barberie, some weather girl on LA. Television, I've never seen her so I hope this is a good thing. I do most of my working out at home on my total gym.

I think we are a normal married couple. Then again maybe we were a normal married couple up until about a year or so ago!

John has always had this big panty fetish. When we were first dating he would always go wild if he got a glimpse of my panties under a dress or skirt I was wearing.

After we were dating a month or so we started having sex. We were both virgins at 19 so we started learning about sex together. Sex was getting better and more fun each time we did it.

Again John's thing for panties kept getting bigger. Every time he would go to a department store he would buy me a few pairs of sexy little panties. He would have me model them for him. I didn't mind this for we would always end up in bed having great sex after my show. He hated for me to wear pants or shorts. So to make him happy most the times we went out I would always wear a skirt or dress. Each time John would pick me up for a date I would have to raise my skirt and show him what kind of panties I had on. He would always give me a mmmmmm, as he would cup my panty-covered ass in his hands and kiss me. He would say, God I love the way your ass feels in them silk panties.

Well, as time moved on we got married a year later. As my sister and I were going to pick up my wedding dress when John asked me if I would do him a big favor on our wedding day?

I said, sure Love, what would you like?

He took me in his arms and said, would you pick up a sexy garter belt and stockings with matching panties and bra to wear under your wedding dress for me?

I kissed him and said, sure as long as you promise not to let anybody see what I'm wearing at the reception when you take off my garter!

John kissed me back and said no one but him gets to see under your dress!

Well I did him his favor; on the way to the dress shop we went to Victoria's Secret and picked up a very sexy little white lace bra, panty and garter belt set. This was my first garter belt and I couldn't wait to model it for John. But that was going to have to wait until our wedding day. My sister was funny. After she saw my underwear for my wedding she called me a ho, and laughed.

The wedding and reception were great. I'm glad I had on a long dress. When John was removing my garter he went all the way under my dress. He was feeling my bare legs above my stockings then managed to work his fingers between my legs and felt my damp crotch. Everybody was laughing as I sat in the middle of the room with my new husband playing around under my dress. He finally came out with the garter in his hand. All the people cheered and clapped.

In our hotel room that night John was on fire. He kept running his hands up my legs to my panties. Then he would squeeze my ass and tell me how sexy I was as we kissed. He unzipped my dress and I stepping out of it. Leaving me standing there in my Victoria's Secret underwear. John's cock was as hard as a rock sticking out of his boxers. He moaned, motherfucker Pauline, do you ever look hot!

John look me in his arms and said, God I love you in sexy little bikini panties. And this garter belt and stocking is too much. Again he was squeezing my panty-covered ass as we kissed.

John unhooked my bra and let it drop to the floor. He went right to work on sucking and kissing my hard nipples. I was getting hotter by the second and could feel myself getting wetter. John's hard cock was rubbing the wet crotch of my panties as he started rocking in and out. He then picked me up and carried me over to the bed.

Once in bed John was on top of me between my legs kissing me. He moved down and started on my nipples again. Kissing one then the other as his finger went to work on rubbing my wet pussy through my panties. He then kissed his way down to my belly button. Still rubbing my pussy through my panties John asked me if he could eat my pussy? Up to this point we had not did any oral sex at all. And I had never had a man or woman, for that matter do that to me.

I was hot and ready to be fucked as I rocked my hips up to his finger and moaned mmmmm sure baby; I'm all yours.

John went back to kissing and running his tongue around my tummy. He took my garter belt in his teeth, pulled it up it up and let it snap back down to my tummy. I jumped and laughed and said what are you doing?

John looked up at me and moaned, God I can't get over how sexy you look dressed like this. He then gave my pussy a kiss right through my panties. I just moaned mmmmm and fell back on the pillow.

He broke the hot kiss to my pussy and said, God Pauline, I think I'm going to get you some more of these. As he gave the garter strap holding my stocking up a little snap. Next he started kissing the insides of my bare legs right above my stockings. He would kiss and lick one then the other. And all this time he was still rubbing the crotch of my wet panties. I was just seconds away from a great orgasm.

I felt John hook his finger in the crotch of my little lace panties and pull it to the side. My pussy was now totally exposed to him. He moaned oh my God you shaved all your hair off I like it! John then ran his hot tongue all the way up my wet pussy slit. He started at the bottom and went right up to my hard little clitoris.

I moaned out OHHHH YESSSSSS as I pushed my pussy up to his tongue. John gave me maybe three long slow licks before I took a hold of his head and pulled it tight to my pussy and moaned, OHHHH GOD, I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Never in my life had I felt something so good. John started sucking on my clit as he finger fucked me. I was going out of my mind. John looked up at me from between my legs and said God Pauline your pussy tastes so good and went back to licking me. It was just a matter of minutes and John had me cumming a second time. I yelled out this time, YESSS YESSSS OH YESSSSS I'MMM CUMMINGGGGG. As I was pumping my pussy up to Johns mouth. As I was cumming He stuck two or three fingers in me and sucked hard on my clit. His finger hit my G-spot, as I was cumming. I just about passed out it felt so good. I didn't know an orgasm could feel so good.

As my orgasm was winding down John kept on licking and sucking on my clit. It was now too much for me to handle. Panting I pushed his head away from my crotch. I moaned oh God stop I can't take any more. John looked up from my crotch smiling. His face was all wet from my orgasms. He said are you sure? I would love to make you cum again!

I moaned, oh God fuck me. You got me so horny I can't stand it.

John then moved up over the top of me. Taking the time to give each of my nipples a long kiss before moving up and kissing me on the lips. It was the first time that I got to taste what my pussy tasted like as we kissed. Then again I felt John hook his finger in the crotch of my little lace panties and pull it to the side. He lined his hard cock up to my hot and wet little hole and started sinking inside me. I hooked my legs around his back and helped pull his hard cock deep inside of me.

Johns hands went down under me and cupped my panty covered ass in his hands. He moaned in my ear, God your ass feels good, I love fucking you with your panties on. He was playing with my ass as he drove his hot cock in and out of me. I started begging him not to stop as we started fucking like a run away train. I knew I was going to cum again very soon.

After ten or so more strokes I felt the head of Johns cock start to swell up inside me and I knew he was about to cum also. Then it happened, he moaned in my ear, oh God I love you, I'm cummingggg. That set me off as I pushed up to him to take all his hot sperm. His cock started jerking inside me and it was all over for me. I pushed up hard and moaned ohhhh yesssss I'm cumming againnnnnnn. What a feeling as we both came together.

We took a little rest then John fucked me one more time before we took a shower together. After the shower we more or less passed out for the night.

The next morning I was the first one awake. I went to the rest room and came back to bed. John was out like a light as I pulled the covers off him. I was checking out my new husband's nude body as he slept. I started thinking; this would be a good time to try my first blowjob. I was dressed in a new sexy little red silk/lace babydoll with matching little bikini panties.

I took Johns cock in my hand and was playing with it. It was soft like a noodle as I flopped it around from side to side. John didn't move a bit as I was playing with it. I then moved down the bed so that I was right over his soft cock. I looked up at him one more time before I gave it a kiss. Still he didn't move. His cock was laying on his belly in a way that it was pointing towards his head. The way that it was laying I gave it a little lick. I was licking the bottom of it. John still didn't move. So next I took a hold of it and pointed it at the ceiling. I looked up at him again before I took it in my mouth. I closed my mouth around it and gave it a little suck. With it still in my mouth I stuck my tongue it the little pee slit. Right them John gave out a low moan and his cock made this little jerk. I kept sucking on it and running my tongue around the head. In less than a minute it was hard as a rock. I started stroking it up and down as I sucked on the head.

I then felt John pull the crotch of my little red panties to the side and started running his finger up and down my wet little slit. He started rolling my now wet and hard clit around as I kept on sucking and stroking his cock. In just a matter of minutes John moaned oh God baby that feels good. God I'm going to cum. He slipped a finger deep in my pussy as his cock jerked and he moaned out OHHHH YESSSSS. I took my mouth off his cock but kept on stroking it. The head was all purple then sperm came shooting out of the pee hole. It covered my hand and made his hard cock all slick as I kept on pumping his cum out. More came flying out and landed on his belly. Then one more little bit came out and run over my fingers.

I moved up the bed and asked John how that felt? He took me in his arms kissing me. He said that was great. I smiled at him and said, so am I a good cocksucker? He hugged me and said I was the best as he finger fucked me to a great orgasm.

Later that day we flew to Mexico for a week long Honeymoon. It was great; we fucked and sucked each other for a week. I was lucky I was on the pill. I had his sperm licking out of me all week long.


Well as time moved on I went off the pill and we ended up with two beautiful children over the next few years. After our second child was born John went in and had a vasectomy. This made our sex life so much better. I had no worries of getting pregnant again.

At this time in our lives things were getting better all the time. John got a new job in Chicago with a big Sales/Add Company. We got a new house way out in the suburbs. Life was really good.

John still had his fetish with my panties. Every time he would go into a store, if he saw a sexy little pair of panties he liked, they came home with him.

I have two drawers full of panties. He doesn't like throngs or big granny types. They have to be bikini or string bikini. Silk, lace or sheer. And get this, what he likes best is to watch my panty-covered ass as I'm walking. He tells me that I have the best ass in the world to be covered with bikini panties. He loves the way it moves. So I do my best to keep him happy.


Now we'll move up in time to just a year or so ago. John's job had him moving up the latter to success. He had big clients and accounts that took more of his time. He would have to take the big shots to baseball and football games. Go to their parties and just play all that bullshit those big companies do to keep accounts.


We were not getting as much time together as I would like and I told him so. Well he planned a weekend get away for us in the city. A Hotel downtown Chicago, sitter for the kids and the works.

For our little get away I packed an overnight bag with some sexy little pajamas and some hot little dresses to wear. And you know it, the sexiest panties I had. I was going to be his slut for the weekend.

Friday afternoon I was in the bedroom getting dressed for our train trip to the city. Dressed in just a white lace bra and little red lace panties John came in the room with a little bag in his hand smiling.

He said, here I got you something to wear for me as he handed me the bag.

I pulled a little pair of silk panties out of the bag. They were an off white with little sunflower print. I smiled and said, you don't like the one's I have on?

John replied oh hell yes I love them. But it's summer time and I was thinking you would look good with some flowers on.

I just smiled and pushed my little red lace panties down and stepped out of them. I then pulled the silk sun flower panties up my legs. As I got them in place I turned all the way around so John got a good look at them. Smiling I said, what ya think?

John moved up in front of me. His right hand went right down to feeling my pussy through the panties. His other hand went around to feeling my panty-covered ass. He moaned God you look hot in these panties as he gave me a long hard and hot kiss.

I had to push him away and remind him of the time, and that we had to hurry up or we'd miss the train.

As bad as he hated too John went off to get ready as I finished getting dressed. I put on this light gold button up blouse that showed just the right amount of cleavage to be very sexy. Next I stepped into this short mini skirt and pulled it up my legs. It was a dark like navy blue color. It looked a lot like a little cheerleader skirt, the way it flared out and with all the pleats in it. It was maybe an inch or two longer than a cheerleader skirt, but not much more. I would never wear a skirt this short around the kids or people I know. If I were to bend over a little to far someone would get a good view of my sunflowers. It was a good 85 out so I didn't put on any stockings.

I met John in the living room waiting on me. His poor eyes about popped out of his head. His hands went right under my short skirt to cup my ass. He moaned, man Pauline you look hot, you're going to be the hottest girl in Chicago. Having said that he raised my little skirt up to check out my panties. Mmmmm he moaned, we're going to have some fun tonight. Then he ran his hand right down to my crotch and started playing with my clit through my panties.

I pushed his hand away and said stop it; you'll have time for that tonight. Your going to get my new panties all wet.

John moaned, so, as he tried to get his hand back between my legs.

I ran away from his and said stop it now, we're going to be late.

Well he finally stopped and we were off to the train station. We got there about ten minutes before the train arrived. Now we are out in the suburbs so we don't have the nice train stations like they have in the city. It's just a little roof over three or four dirty seat. It doesn't even have a platform; you have to board the train from ground level.

Once the train pulled into the station about twenty other people and us started boarding. John went up the steep steps before me with our two over night bags. I was being real careful going up the steep steel step so I didn't slip with my heels on. As I got to the top step I heard one of the guys behind me say to his friend. Shit man did you see the ass on her; I like sunflowers don't you? His friend replied dam; I would like to pick them sunflowers. They both laughed as I turned dark red and kept on walking acting like I didn't here their comments.

Once I got to my seat next to John I told him what was said and how embarrassed I was about it.

He laughed and said I should be happy that guys look at me and like what they see. I'm sure glad they liked the new panties I got you.

I hit him on the arm and said guys shouldn't be looking up my skirt at my panties that's for your eyes-only.

John gave me a kiss and said, honey when a woman looks as hot as you do and is wearing a little skirt guys are going to look. And they are going to hope to get a little look at what you're wearing under that skirt. That's just how us guys are. Doesn't it turn you on a little knowing some guys were checking out your new panties?

I hit his arm again and said, no, it embarrassed me.

John then said, let me check and see as he ran his hand under my short skirt right up to my damp crotch. He smiled and said bullshit somebody is wet.

I pulled his hand out and replied, no I'm not.

John said shit tell the truth as he forced his hand back between my legs. You got turned on showing off your panties to some stranger, as his fingers started rubbing my clit through my panties.

Truth is it did kind of turn me on that some guys I didn't even know got to see my panty-covered ass.

I pulled his hand out from under my skirt again and told him to stop it someone is going to see what he's doing. I looked at him and said, okay you got me. It did turn me on a little, but it still embarrassed me.

That was the turning point in our lives. I was really surprised to hear John say that it also turned him on to know some guys were looking at my panties. I kissed him and said, well maybe I'll have to do a little more showing off. John smiled and said, please do.

When the ticket guy on the train stopped at us to take our ticket I was wondering if he had checked out my panties also. He was standing on the ground outside the door as I went up the steps. And the way he kept looking at my legs it was as if he was looking for another free show.

Once we got off the train in Chicago John said our hotel was about three blocks away. The station was all inside with food courts and bookstores. It was full of people coming and going. Seeing how it was so nice out we decided to walk instead of hopping a cab.

We had to walk up some steps that would put us out on Michigan Ave. right downtown. As we went up the steps I looked and John and he was looking back at me. It was like ESP, we both knew that the guys below us coming up the steps were getting a very good view of my panties. We just smiled at each other as we climbed to the street.

The fun had just began. As we got to the top step and stepped out onto the sidewalk a gust of wind sent my little skirt bellowing. I tried holding it down but had very little success. Everybody around us got a good look at my little sunflowers. As we walked down the sidewalk I held one hand on my side to try to kind a hold my skirt down. The wind was so strong sometimes I even had to hold on to the hem to keep it down.

John was smiling from ear to ear as we walked on. A block away from our hotel John said go ahead a let it fly. Let's give some guys a thrill.

This went against all my up-bring of being a lady. Don't ask me way but this was turning me on also. So I just let my skirt fly. The wind was in our face so the back of my skirt was flopping up very high. Everyone behind us could see my panty clad ass. I could feel myself getting wet as we walked. Something about strangers checking out the panties your wearing makes ya wild. A few minutes later we made into the door of our Hotel.