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Sex Story

Mike and Vicki had been married for nearly twenty-three years, and over those years they had enjoyed many sexual adventures. When they first met, Vicki was 18, very shy, and a virgin. Mike, on the other hand, was outgoing and very experienced sexually, having lost his virginity at 14. He enjoyed playing the teacher and Vicki was an excellent student. Early in their marriage, Mike had photographed her in the sexy outfits he bought for her. Slowly she had become more comfortable with her body and she began to reveal more and more of herself during these photo sessions.

Vicki became an excellent model and Mike, reacting to the subject matter, took some great photos. Mike believed the pictures were so good, that he suggested they enter them into a contest in one of the men’s magazines he subscribed to. Vicki had discovered that not only did she enjoy modeling for her husband, but she also enjoyed showing off her gorgeous body. Vicki’s clothing choices recently began to reflect this: only wearing the sexiest underwear, when she wore any, and clothing that revealed as much of her body as was considered legal. The idea of seeing her pictures in a men’s magazine only fed her desire even more. Selecting a few of their favorite nude photos of her, Mike and Vicki filled out the entry form and mailed the envelope to the magazine.

The magazine had a monthly contest where the amateur pictures of various women were published. Each month one woman was selected to be the monthly winner and invited to do a professional photo shoot for the magazine. Mike and Vicki had only thought to see Vicki’s pictures printed with the other entries for that month, so when they received the phone call saying she had been chosen as a monthly winner, they were both shocked and very turned on.

The magazine flew Vicki to Dallas for the shoot. She checked into the hotel, and spent the evening trying to relax. The photo shoot was to be held in the same hotel, and Vicki wondered how everything would work from a professional angle. Sleep did not come easily, but eventually Vicki did manage to drop off.

The next morning Vicki showered with care. She wasn’t sure what to wear, so she pulled on a pair of jeans and a tank top and left her room. The room for the photo shoot was a couple of floors above hers, and as she stepped from the elevator, she could feel her heart pounding. She knocked at the door and felt her body begin to shake. A cute blonde wearing shorts and a tshirt opened the door.

“Hi! You must be Vicki, right? I’m Leslie, John’s assistant. Come on in!”

Vicki glanced at the blonde and smiled as she entered the room. Why had she thought it would just be her and the photographer? She looked about the room and found it to be lush and comfortable. The view of Dallas was superb!

“Can I get you something to drink? John is in the other room, setting up the equipment.”

“Uh, yeah, sure. Do you have some wine?”

“Sure do – one Chablis coming up! Oh, and the bathroom is right over there. John will need you to get undressed and put on the robe that is in there. Street clothes leave marks that show up on camera.”

Vicki’s heart was pounding, but she felt better having Leslie there. She walked into the bathroom, and noticed the large, fluffy robe draped over the counter. She peeled off her jeans and top and wrapped her body in the robe. When she returned, Leslie had her wine poured and waiting for her. She moved about the room, sipping her wine, as she tried to calm her nerves. She heard a commotion behind her and turned to see a man of average build with short, dark hair.

“John, this is Vicki. Vicki, this is John. He’ll be photographing you this morning,” Leslie made the introductions.

“Hello Vicki. Are you nervous at all?”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that I am. I mean, I’ve posed for my husband hundreds of times, but this is a little different, you know?”

John laughed easily. “Don’t worry about it. Most women are very nervous at first. I’ve seen the shots you sent in to the magazine, and I think you will do very well. I still have some setting up to do, but Leslie is going to get you ready, okay? Leslie, just bring her in when she’s looking gorgeous!”

John winked at her before disappearing into what Vickie assumed to be the bedroom. Leslie came to her with a smile and led her to a small table. Sitting down, Vicki watched as Leslie got out an assortment of makeup and hairbrushes. Leslie worked quickly, expertly applying makeup to highlight Vicki’s best features, and brushing her hair into a thoroughly sexy look. Vicki felt pampered and began to relax.

“Okay. You are looking SO good! It’s a shame your husband isn’t here to see this. He’d be going crazy about now!”

Vicki picked up a mirror and looked at her reflection. She could still see that it was her, but somehow a look that was at once sexy and alluring. Vicki was thrilled.

“C’mon, let’s check out the outfits John has selected for you. You can pick and choose which ones you like.”

As Leslie and Vicki went through the rack of sexy lingerie, they both laughed and giggled, holding various items up, accepting some, and rejecting others. Finally, Leslie told her they had enough and told Vicki to change in the bathroom. Vicki had selected tight fitting tank top and thong panties, but when it came to opening the bathroom door after she had changed into the outfit, her nerves returned. No one but her husband had ever seen her naked before – and now she was going to be throwing off her clothes to complete strangers! Suddenly, a tingle ran down her spine, and she felt a certain moistness between her thighs. Her heart pounding, Vicki was shocked to discover just how aroused she became! But what if John or Leslie noticed? Her cheeks flushed pink, and just then Leslie knocked on the door.

“Ready? It’s time, hon. It’s okay, Vicki, you’ll be just great.”

Taking a deep breath, Vicki grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. Leslie’s eyes raked over her body with frank approval. Smiling, she grabbed her hand and led her into the bedroom. Vicki nervously took her place in front of the camera, wondering what was expected of her. And she wondered what to expect from John.

“Wow! You look great, Vicki! Totally hot! And the camera is just going to love you. Let’s start by having you give me a great big smile. Yeah! That’s it! Now tilt your head back, flip your hair over your shoulder. Great! Great! Now, raise your hand and run it down your body – like you would if your husband were here. Ah, that’s terrific!”

As Vicki followed John’s instructions, she started to feel more and more sexy. She imagined Mike behind the camera, and her body started to move naturally, She moved into many different positions, slowly peeling away clothing. As she looked into the camera’s lens, she began to imagine all the men who would be looking at these pictures. Looking at these pictures of her body, their cocks in their hands, their breathing ragged, aching to explode just by looking at her.

As these thoughts filled her brain, Vicki needed fewer and fewer instructions. She began to move with the fluid grace she had done with Mike. The constant clicking of the camera shutter only served to edge her forward. She looked about the room for props – chairs, tables, and even the bed. She made herself comfortable and at ease. She looked at the camera as her lover, and slowly, teasingly, laughingly made love to it. She was playful and serious, sexy and sensuous. She wanted, and became, every man’s desire. And she felt her body responding.

In several shots, she spread her legs wide for the camera, and knew that John was capturing the wetness on her pussy lips. She wondered how men would respond to this, she imagined their hands moving more quickly over the head of their cocks as they noticed in the pictures that she was completely aroused, completely at the camera’s mercy for her sexuality.

Vicki was enjoying herself so much, that she had no idea what time it was when John finally called a halt to the session. Vicki felt her pussy lips wet, her clit swollen. She needed to cum so badly, and hadn’t realized it until now. John smiled at her as he wrapped up what seemed like endless rolls of film. Leslie walked back to her and gave her a hug.

“Damn, girl! You are a natural! That was so sexy, I know John’s going to have some great shots!”

Vicki walked in a trance to the bathroom, where she quickly changed back into her clothes. She tried to compose herself before leaving the bathroom, and hoped neither Leslie nor John would notice the flush in her cheeks.

“Vicki, you were just great! I really enjoyed working with you. Your husband is one lucky man!” John smiled at her and gave her a quick hug. “These pictures should be ready for publication in a few months. I think you will like them.”

“Thank you, John. You and Leslie really made this one of the most erotic experiences of my life!”

Leslie giggled and John continued to smile, as Vicki made her way to the door. She went down the elevator and back to her room, but her body was on fire. She stripped of her clothes, and laid down on the bed, her knees bent and legs spread. Her pussy was still wet – soaked – from the days “work”. She began to tug at her engorged nipples, and squeezed her breasts. She ran her hands over her body, imagining the many men who would be looking at pictures of her, and smiling at the reaction they would have. Soon, Vicki’s fingers were running over her pussy, searching out her clit and burying two fingers deep into her pussy. Fucking herself wildly, she began to moan, her hips thrusting towards her hand. She rubbed her clit, the tender nub now fully exposed and yearning for release. As she felt her body moving towards the edge, she let herself go, feeling her orgasm wash over her, crashing through her body even as she cried out to the empty room. When her orgasm ended, she lay on the bed, breathing hard, and smiling. Eventually she drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Vicki took a flight home the next morning, and when she saw Mike waiting at the airport, it was all she could do to not attack him right there at the gate. During the drive home, Vicki stroked Mike and relayed the details of what had happened until Mike’s cock was rock hard and ready to burst. They had barely made it inside the house, before Mike grabbed Vicki. Clothing was discarded in a heap, and Vicki gasped as Mike’s hardness filled her completely. She knew he was thinking about her posing naked for a stranger, and her juices surrounded her husband’s cock. Mike exploded inside of Vicki, images of his beautiful wife posing before a stranger’s camera flashing in his mind.

Vicki and Mike waited anxiously for the issue with her pictures to be distributed. A few months later the magazine, with the highly anticipated pictures, came out displaying Vicki in all her glory. There were eight pages of her in many different poses and in most she was naked. She looked gorgeous and hot and sexy. Mike could not have been more proud of his wife. As well, the magazine had interviewed Vicki, and a small write up was included. One thing the magazine mentioned, much to the surprise of Mike and Vicki, was Vicki’s fantasy of having sex with two men at once. It wasn’t long before Vicki started to receive offers from men to be the second guy of her fantasy.

After discussing the idea of a threesome with each other, they decided to try out the idea with a friend of theirs who had commented that he had wanted to join them. Vicki was a bit nervous, though excited at the prospect, so Mike decided on a course of action.

Frank was one of Mike’s buddies. They had known each other a long time and felt comfortable together. Frank had always thought Vicki was hot – and told Mike on more than one occasion. Still, messing with a buddy’s wife could get you into a lot of trouble, so Frank was always respectful towards Vicki. However, when the magazine came out, the pictures exceeded even his own imagination. Damn, but this woman was hot! He got up the courage to have Vicki autograph his copy of the magazine, and she happily complied. To Frank’s surprise, Vicki wrote a very sexy message for him, and an idea came to him as he read the magazine write up. He approached Mike about being the second man in Vicki’s fantasy, and was shocked when Mike came back a little later and told him everything was cool.

After a few weeks, Mike invited Frank over for a few drinks after work. Frank eagerly agreed, and the two buddies spent the afternoon drinking beers and talking. Later in the afternoon, Vicki came home from work, and Frank became nervous. Would this be the night? He held himself in check, not wanting to hope for too much.

When Vicki saw Frank sitting in the living room, she knew that Mike had made arrangements, and she was suddenly nervous. She walked over to Mike and told him she needed to take a shower. As she stepped under the water, she felt her heart beating harder. She knew Frank was attracted to her, and she had to admit that he was a good-looking man. She washed her body, and still stayed in the shower. She didn’t know how she was ever going to be able to walk into the living room. How was this supposed to start? Who did what?

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened, and Vicki jumped.

“Vicki? Hon, you okay?” Mike’s concern was evident in his voice.

Turning off the water, Vicki stepped from the shower and grabbed a towel. She smiled at Mike as she wrapped the warm terry cloth around her body.

“I’m a little nervous, babe. I mean, what do I do? I want to do this, but I don’t know how to start!”

“Just trust me, hon. I’m not going to let anything bad happen to you. And if you feel too uncomfortable, you just tell me, okay?”

“Okay, Mike. And, hey! I love you!”

Mike smiled at his wife. “I love you too, Vicki. Come with me.”

Vicki followed Mike into the bedroom, where he removed the towel. Rummaging through her dresser drawers, Mike made some selections, and Vicki quickly put them on. Her best sexy black lace bra and panties. The matching garter-belt, and stockings. Mike put her high heels on, and helped her with her robe. Then, going through another drawer, Mike pulled out a black silk scarf. Vicki looked up at Mike and smiled. She gasped slightly as Mike pulled the blindfold over her eyes, then smiled as he kissed her cheek.

Letting him lead her out into the living room, she found she was holding her breath. She heard rustling, and knew Frank must have gotten up from the couch. She felt hands at the sash of her robe, and her husband’s voice in her ear.

“It’s going to be okay, Vicki. I love you, and you can stop this whenever you like.”

Vicki just nodded, and then gasped as she felt the robe slide off her shoulders. She heard Frank moan, and suddenly the idea of standing there, in sexy lingerie, in front of her husband’s friend aroused her. She felt her juices soak her panties, and her nipples began to push at the material of the bra.

Helping her to sit down on the couch, Vicki could feel a man on either side of her. She felt hands on her face, her neck, and her shoulders. Fingers teased her nipples, while more fingers played with the elastic of her panties. She felt first one set of lips, then another on her own, She kissed back eagerly, her body responding to the caresses she felt. Moving her hands to either side of her, she stroked their thighs, and then easily found the bulges that were their hard cock. She began to rub and stroke them, feeling the two men getting harder and harder. Mike slipped off the blindfold, and Vicki could see the lust in each man’s face.

Standing up in front of them, Vicki reached behind her and unclasped her bra. As it fell from her body, she watched Frank’s eyes drink in her full, round breasts, the nipples standing at pert attention. Mike rose up and quickly reached for her panties, pulling them from her body, exposing her wet pussy to Frank. Pushing Vicki back onto the couch, Mike spread her legs, and began to lick and eat his wife’s pussy as Vicki worked to free Frank’s cock. Frank lowered his head and began sucking on Vicki’s nipples, his tongue flicking the tender flesh. Vicki moaned with delight – she had never been this turned on!

Pulling on Mike, he rose before her, and she quickly removed his pants. Taking her husband’s cock in her hands, she brought her mouth to him, sucking his cock deeply into her mouth. With one hand, she ran her fingers through Frank’s hair, pulling him closer to her breast. Franks fingers found Vicki’s pussy and he began to stroke her, his fingers coated with her juices.

Mike pulled away, and lifted Vicki from the couch. Smiling at her, he gently pushed her down, and she took the hint. Getting on her hands and knees, she watched as Frank stepped in front of her, his clothing discarded. Grabbing his cock with her mouth, she felt him slide between her lips. Her tongue washed over him, teasing him and tasting him. She moaned loudly as Mike suddenly rammed his cock into her wet pussy in one stroke. His fingers dug into her ass and he began to pump her wildly. Vicki groaned around Frank’s cock, sucking him even harder.

“Hey, Frank, you want a piece of my wife’s pussy? She is so hot and tight!”

“Hell yes!”

Quickly the men exchanged positions, Vicki not caring as long as she had a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. Her body came alive with feeling. She was no longer conscious of anything but the pleasure each man was giving her. She wasn’t even sure who it was that started to rub her clit, faster and harder, as she moaned around the thick, hard cock in her mouth. When her orgasm erupted, she felt her pussy clench around the cock in her pussy and the cock in her mouth sank even deeper. Suddenly she heard first one man grunt out his orgasm in her pussy, and then she felt spurts of cum fill her mouth.

Taking a short break, all three smiling and laughing, it didn’t take long before both men were hard once more at the sight of Vicki’s just fucked body. Once more they took turns, first fucking her mouth, then fucking her pussy. All three lost count of the number of times they came – after a while it no longer mattered. They were and received pleasure from each other, and fantasies were being fulfilled.

And that began Mike and Vicki’s journey into sexual adventures they had never dreamed of. Vicki discovered she had a fondness for public sex – blowjobs were her favorite. She and Mike also experimented with some light bondage. With each new adventure, Mike and Vicki found themselves growing closer together and enjoying each other even more.

Over time, Vicki’s exhibitionist side also began to expand. Her bikinis became three tiny triangles of cloth and some string; most were white with no lining. Mike hung photographs of Vicki hanging in the living room so any of their friends were treated to the view. Vicki began to wear only sheer outfits to bars and restaurants, and she was thrilled when men would recognize her from the magazine spread. Many times she was asked to autograph copies of the magazine – even the guys she worked with at the local grocery store passed copies between themselves in the back rooms.

Eventually, Vicki and Mike began to explore the world of bondage. They began with tying Vicki to the bed spread-eagled and eventually moved to binding Vicki outdoors to trees or posts. More and more, boundaries were stretched and inhibitions were broken down. Vicki was obviously enjoying all of the attention she was getting, as well as her newfound sensuality.

And Mike had a few plans of his own.