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Booty Chick Booty Chick Booty Chick

Shardonay is really what this shit is all about. She's a super hot black teen with bright blue eyes and big round tits with pierced nipples to die for! Just turned eighteen years old, shaved snatch and a big round brown butt. Like I said, that's what this shit is all about! I would have to say this chick here makes it to my top five of all time when it comes to finding a hot teen with a nice big apple booty! Enjoy this one.
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Booty Chick Booty Chick Booty Chick

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I went to the hotel after I had an argument with my husband, I wasn't in the mood to be around him but I needed someone to talk to so I called Ryan on the way to the hotel and told him where and when to meet me at the hotel. When he got there, we got some pizza and watched some TV, it was already late and we were both tired. The air conditioner was broke and it was extremely cold in the room so I sat on the bed and covered up with the blanket.

Ryan sat across the room on the sofa trying to be nice and not presume that he was suppose to sleep on the bed with me. I shut off the TV and decided to go to bed, since we both had things to do in the morning. I felt bad at first for making Ryan sleeping on the sofa that had his head hanging off the one end and his knees down hanging off the other end.

I called over to him and told him he could sleep in the bed with me that I wouldn't mind. I moved over and let him climb into bed with me; we both were still dressed in clothes because it was so cold. At first I was facing the wall and he was facing the other wall but when he turned towards my back, I thought I would take advantage of the opportunity. I started pushing my butt backwards towards his groin area.

At first he thought that I was trying to move back so he backed up and then very lightly I started to grind real softly on his groin. It took about 5 minutes of soft grinding to give him the go ahead to reach around me with his arm and start to hold me. Slowly his hands moved apart, one slowly crept up towards my hard nipples and the other slowly caressed down to my clit area.

His one hand slowly caressed my tits and rubbed the tip of my nipple. The other hand caressed my pussy and lightly rubbed my clit, driving me nuts while I grinded on his groin. My pace picked up and so did his. His hand then went up my shirt and started to fondle my breast and nipple, while his other hand went down my pants to rub on my clit.

I reached my hand behind me to cup and fondle his already hard cock through his shorts while using my other hand for leverage. We fondled each other for about 10 minutes then thought enough was enough and turned around to face each other.

We started to kiss with our hands caressing each other and fondling our hard and hot body parts. My pussy was eagerly waiting his touch and I could tell by his hard cock that he was waiting for me to fondle and take advantage of him. I rubbed his chest and could feel his nipples getting hard and felt his entire body cover with Goosebumps. I could feel his hair on his chest standing on end and his body shake with anticipation.

We both started to take off our shirts, so we could press our bodies closer to keep warm and feel each other. I rubbed my hard breast on his bare chest and he pulled me closer to wrap his arms around me. He kissed me hard with his tongue going in and out of my mouth and his hard dick pushing hard against me warm wet and waiting pussy. I held him closer; we rolled on and off each other just pushing our bodies harder and harder against each other, making ourselves even hornier than before.

Finally I rolled on top of him and started to grind on him with our clothes still on. I grabbed his hands and held them above his head apart from each other and put my legs under his to get a closer and tighter grip on his body. I started to go up and down on his hard cock, feeling my pussy swell with anticipation and wetness. The grinding was stimulating my clit so much that I had to ease up because I was going to cum even before I even got to feel his hard cock in my wet pussy or on my swollen pussy lips.

I wanted to feel his sweat and my sweat join as our bodies smacked off each other in the rage of hard core sex. Knowing that we could do anything we wanted to for the first time together all alone with no one to stop or interrupt us. I leaned forward and started to French kiss him again, filling his mouth with my tongue, moving it around in his mouth, driving him wild.

He tried to kiss me back but I backed up to tease him. I then stopped pulled my legs out from under his and started to kiss down his chest until I reached his hard waiting cock. I pulled down his shorts and started to suck his cock like it was a melting Popsicle. Making sure not to let any of it drip or melt on me, I devoured it like some kind of special treat that only comes once a blue moon. I would like all the way down to his hot balls, sucking them into my mouth, then letting them lightly fall out, then working my way up his hard shaft just to engulf his cock with my mouth. I had my head bobbing fast and hard, letting him know what a treat it was to have me suck on his hard cock.

We then were ready for a rough fucking. I pushed down my shorts with his help, like he was tired of waiting and he really wanted to feel my hot wet pussy on his hard cock again. I slowly mounted him, crawling up the bed to reach is sweating chest and making sure to rub my naked warm body all over his naked warm body. I kissed every once in awhile to tease him on my way up.

I sat up on his stomach so I could wrap my legs under his again and then I lifted up to put his hard cock in my swollen wet pussy that has been eagerly awaiting his hard cock. I wasn't surprised when it just slid into my slippery wet pussy and felt right at home. I pushed his arms back above his head and had them on each side of his head so that he couldn't touch me while I rode his hard cock. I started off slow with some pumping motions but quickly gained momentum to a hard forceful push into his hard cock that he would slightly moan with every push and close his eyes. I made sure to rub my already swollen pussy and clit all over his groin and fuck him so hard that my pussy started to throb with aching sensations of fucking that was extremely hard and intense.

He didn't last long about 7 minutes later; he pushed me up and off of him and came all over his stomach, knowing that he was satisfied for the night. After getting cleaned up, he held around me and we fell asleep.