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Sex Story

The whole thing started when I took some clients to a strip club. It was my job to entertain the clients and they wanted to go to a strip club and no place else. I picked a club some way out of town and it was unlikely I would be spotted, or so I thought.

We got to the strip club and they had a contest. The prize was a date with one of the strippers. My clients were drunk and they got into a sort of never ending argument with one of the other groups also at the strip club and also drunk. If my group could win the contest, hopefully it would shut the other guys up.

I was sober and I devised a way to win the contest. I was immediately presented with my 'date.' I could pick either of two strippers and take them in the back and fuck my choice. There was no way I could get out of the situation and retain the respect of the clients.

So, I took 'Helen Bed' the stripper into the back room and she fucked my brains out. The fuck was first rate and the win did shut the guys at the other table up. Not only that, my clients were so impressed at my cleverness that they were gonna come back and do a lot more business with me. Clearly it was a win/win situation. I scored some pussy and also some new business contracts.

I got home and my wife was waiting for me. By some process, known only to wives, she had found out about my little adventure with Helen Bed. Francine, my wife was gonna divorce me, she was gonna take the house, the car, etc. I did manage to get her calmed down a bit. I pointed out that I really didn't want to do it and explained why it happened. I also explained that WE were gonna get a big bonus as a result of my stupid mistake. I pleaded that I would never, ever do it again.

Franny yelled at me for a week. Then she was deadly silent for a week. Then she told me that we were gonna take a little trip out to Rattlesnake Canyon. Rattlesnake Canyon is a rural area, not too far out of the city as the crow flies. However, it is hard to get to and you have to drive quite a ways to get there as there are really no direct roads. About the only thing I could think of the Franny might want was something from an antique store in Rattlesnake Canyon. It would be something expensive, of course. However, it would be much cheaper than a divorce.

We drove out to Rattlesnake Canyon in dead silence. I didn't want to say anything, for fear of provoking Franny and making things worse. Franny knew damn well she had the upper hand and silence was her weapon.

We got to Rattlesnake Canyon and checked into a little motel tucked way back off the road. Why we would need a motel room to buy an antique did not seem to make any sense. However, it was Franny's plan and all I could do was go along.

We checked in and Franny disappeared into the bathroom with her suitcase. She was in there for some time. Finally, Franny came out wearing a long coat. It was summer and fairly warm. There was no need for such a coat. I asked Franny about the coat but got no answer other than I would soon see why Franny wore the coat. I should have stopped things right there, however, I was chicken.

We then drove a short distance, not back out to the main road, but down a little winding road that led to The Wild Girl. The Wild Girl was, just in case you missed the obvious, a strip club. It was not the kind of high class club you might find in the city, but a sort of sleazy looking place that I would not have gone into myself.

Franny insisted we stop at The Wild Girl. She wanted to see what kind of operation I had disgraced myself in. This place was far enough out of town that no one we knew would discover that we had been there.

Again, I should have stopped things right there, however, I was chicken.

We went in and it was even worse than I had imagined. The Wild Girl wasn't just a strip club, it was a sleazy nudie bar with the strippers taking it all off and doing some of the raunchiest dances I have ever seen. Worse yet, it was early evening. Things were only going to get worse.

Before I could grab Franny and get us out of there, she had bolted for the ladies room.

The staff wouldn't just let me stand there, so I got us a table. It was at that point I discovered what Franny's revenge was going to be. They gave me a table in the back because I was the boyfriend of a performer. I could stay if I just watched and drank. If I caused any trouble, I was out on my ear.

OK, Franny would come out and dance and maybe even strip a little. Surely she would not strip to nude. I mean, this is a woman who goes into our bathroom to put on her nightie.

I watched the show for a little while. Two girls came out and danced, one at a time. They both stripped to nude and kept up a running insult contest with the guys sitting at the edge of the stage. I was too far back to really hear the dialogue, but it sounded like the girls were trying to sell themselves and the boys were trying to negotiate the price.

The third dancer was my Franny. Franny had on a see-through baby doll nightie that hid nothing at all. It was obvious that Franny was going to strip to nude. Hell, Franny was already nude for practical purposes.

Franny danced the first number by doing a fairly calm but raunchy dance. She would kind of wiggle around the stage, flashing her pussy for the stage front guys. The pussy flash thing was not really all that bad, considering that the panty Franny was wearing was not only transparent, but also wet to the point where her shaved pussy was fully visible. I sat there and tried to convince myself that Franny would just strip to nude and not fuck some total stranger.

Right at the end of the first number Franny wiggled out of the useless little panty and danced only in a totally transparent baby doll top. Not only did she display herself, but Franny picked up tips from the stage front guys with her pussy. She would wait until they stretched an arm out to full length and then take the tip with her pussy lips. Of course, some of the guys did still manage to feeI Franny's pussy a bit. I was mad as hell, but it was still a turn on to see some total stranger feel your wife's pussy in public!

Franny played to the crowd and any little defect in her dancing was covered up by the sheer raunch of her performance.

At the end of the second dance, Franny tossed her see-through top and danced the third dance completely nude. By completely nude, I mean not only did Franny show every square inch of her body, but she also let the stage front guys see the inside of her pussy quite frequently.

As the other girls had done, Franny traded insults with the stage front guys. I was too far away to really hear the whole thing, but it seemed that she was trying to sell her pussy if she got her price. This was the same thing the other girls had done and I could only hope that Franny had set her price way too high.

At the end of her third and last dance of the set, Franny scrambled around the stage picking up tips the stage front guys had tossed. Most of the time she was bending over from the waist with her back to the audience and her pussy and ass hole were on public display.

As the night wore on, Franny took several turns on stage, along with the other girls. Most of the girls would drop out of the rotation now and again to take some horn dog back stage, obviously to fuck him for money. Then the girl would escort the horn dog back to near his seat, with her raw hamburger red pussy on full display. If you want to succeed in business, you have to advertise!

At some point in time, my waitress told me that I could 'rent' any of the other girls, but not my own girlfriend. I was horny and tempted, but I knew what would happen when Franny found out. All I could do was sit and watch Franny's revenge.

Franny continued to dance her sets but she had not yet taken a guy back stage. By then I guessed that Franny was pretty tired. She was not dancing as wildly as she had earlier. Franny did not dance all evening as a regular thing and she was not in shape to continue her early pace. She had taken to holding on to a pole in the middle of the stage and kicking her one leg high and then holding it up to display her pussy. She would rotate so that each patron got a good view and then she would sort of slink around the stage wiggling and exchanging insults with the guys at stage front.

Finally, as I knew she would, Franny disappeared back stage with some ass hole and, after a time, reappeared with the usual raw hamburger red pussy. Not only did Franny escort the guy back to his seat, she also let some of the other guys feel her pussy.

This last was what finally put an end to Franny's little plan to torture me. A bouncer appeared and escorted Franny back stage. Apparently, they chewed on Franny for a while. I guess the local custom did not permit too much touchy feely and a damn good thing. If guys started grabbing at the bare pussies of the dancers or the waitresses, it could lead to real trouble.

Franny finally appeared at my table, wearing her coat. She told me it was time to go.

We left, with Franny chewing on me. She told me that, if she ever found out that I fucked some other woman, what I had seen was only a small sample of what would happen in the future.

I was mad as hell, but also still chicken.

When we got to our car, Franny took off the coat to reveal the fact that she was wearing only a garter belt, fishnet nylons and stiletto heels. She told me that I better damn well drive safely on the way back to the motel, otherwise some traffic cop was going to get the show of his life.

I was tempted, but the company I work for would fire me for such an incident.

When we got back to the motel, Franny tried to bluff. She told me that maybe she had fucked some guy and maybe she hadn't. Of course, I knew damn well she had fucked some guy, just by looking at her raw hamburger red pussy.

Franny then disappeared into the bathroom. From long experience, I knew that Franny was gone for at least a half hour. I went outside and got Danny on my cell phone. I briefed Danny about Franny's revenge. We also cooked up a story about Danny being there and seeing Franny dance. I got back into the room before Franny reappeared from the bathroom.

It just might be that I could have a little revenge of my own!